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hiding out on the continent [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
the boy from chernobyl

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further adventures in costuming [июн. 16, 2014|10:48 pm]
the boy from chernobyl
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Just got back from the dress rehearsal for the play I’m costuming, Iphigenia and Other Daughters. It’s a really good production and I’m proud to be a part of it. I know not all of you live in Pittsburgh, but if you do you should come see it! You can buy tickets here: http://alarumtheatre.com/tickets.html
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submission(s) [июн. 14, 2014|04:20 am]
the boy from chernobyl
[Tags|, ]

I sent off a query for The Ephemeralizing Device, a bunch of stories and a haiku I wrote on the train, in the hopes that the Friday the 13th/Full Moon/Pride conjuration will work in my favor. I try not to be superstitious but in this business it's impossible. I accidentally hit send on the query before I meant to, but I checked and it was all complete sentences at least. Might be better than what I would have wrote had I had time to second guess it. Pithy. Now I just need to figure out who publishes poetry that is simultaneously religious and erotic.
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(без темы) [июн. 2, 2014|12:09 am]
the boy from chernobyl
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I am doing the costumes for a feminist retelling of the Oresteia! Not getting paid for it, but I don't mind too much since A) no one else is either, and B) so far it's mostly just been looking at dresses on the internet and going through the piles of ridiculous clothing I already own. I am slightly worried that the director will not let me dress Clytemnestra like Alexis Carrington-Colby. The director doesn't know who Alexis Carrington-Colby is, but the playwright* sure did.

*I of course mean Ellen McLaughlin, author of Iphigenia and Other Daughters, not Aeschylus
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(без темы) [май. 25, 2014|09:38 pm]
the boy from chernobyl
[Tags|, ]

I went on a date. We saw a children's orchestra perform The Rite of Spring.
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(без темы) [май. 11, 2014|04:42 am]
the boy from chernobyl
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It's been a crazy week and a bit: Phillip Glass's Orphee Friday before last, figure drawing on Wednesday, Russian Film Symposium on Friday, Pittsburgh Fringe festival on Saturday, followed by a show by my friends Robin Vote and The Working Poor. And tomorrow I catch a train back to Detroit a minute before midnight. I hope I get the time to catch my breath soon.
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figure drawing [май. 7, 2014|11:24 pm]
the boy from chernobyl

Had my first figure drawing session (as an artist, not a model. Not that I've done that either, though I did do some nude performance art when I was in college) and it went pretty well. I can't post anything though, as my scanner's broken.
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Candida [апр. 19, 2014|05:47 am]
the boy from chernobyl
[Tags|, ]

Heidi got us free tickets to Candida, which was pretty good. Having never seen a Shaw play before I can't help but compare him to his contemporaries; I think he is not as witty as Wilde, as daring as Ibsen, nor as brilliant as Chekhov. Wilde seems the most obvious comparison, as they were both Irish, both socialists, both living in England. But it seems that what they were setting out to do was so different that any comparison would be completely superficial. The program mentioned Shaw being greatly influenced by Ibsen, which I could definitely see. They were both feminists, which I appreciate a great deal. I want to say Shaw was a better writer than Ibsen, but I don't speak Norwegian and have only seen Ibsen in translation so I don't really know. Ibsen at least had the courage to say 'you don't deserve her and her leaving you is the happy ending' while Candida chose to stay with her husband even after pointing out how he was crippled by his adherence to traditional masculinity. Because he was more of a challenge, I guess? I would have chosen the effete teenage poet, or given them both up as ridiculous, but I'm too much like the effete teenage poet myself to judge. I couldn't really see what she got out of it. Heidi's objection was that there was no darkness to anyone, and I can't help but agree. Candida was an ideal woman (although she had quite a bit more personality than most ideal women), Morrow an ideal preacher and Eugene an ideal poet. It was quite obvious that Shaw had written a play to convey a certain message, whereas with Chekhov the only message is that life is hard and yet people go on somehow; some don't and that's perfectly understandable. Shaw and Ibsen feel firmly rooted in the Victorian era yet Chekhov seems to be writing about me and people I know; I never think about how it's 120 years old. It's probably unfair to compare anyone to Chekhov, but I do, all the time, without really meaning to. He's the pinnacle as far as I'm concerned.
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slightly late year in review [янв. 7, 2014|10:15 pm]
the boy from chernobyl
[Tags|, , , , ]

2013 seems to have been an atrocity for a lot of people, but for me it's been pretty great. I definitely accomplished my new year's resolution of having more sex, though the coffee table I broke on new years day was to be the only coffee table I would break all year.

Artistic accomplishments:

*Co-wrote a sitcom pilot (although it did not win the contest for which we wrote it. If anyone wants to produce a sitcom about a trans guy and a genderqueer in an English village full of hippies, please contact me.)

*Wrote a three act play (although it did not win the contest for which I wrote it. If anyone wants to produce a play about lesbian flapper ghosts and what it means to be an artist, please contact me.)

*Began work on a chamber opera. (If anyone wants to produce a chamber opera about a lonely cosmonaut which draws a parallel between starlight and memory being both persistent images of that which no longer exists, please contact me.)

*Started painting/drawing again (after a hiatus of about eight years, so this is kind of a big deal.)

*Began or continued work on three separate Tarot projects (The tarot deck I started working on ten+ years ago, a space opera themed deck I plan to do in water colours as soon as I figure out how to paint in water colours, and the selfie tarot, which would consist entirely of pictures of me.)

*played music in front of actual people.

*composed an experimental 16 movement piece of generative music on the magnus, some of which will probably be used in an upcoming independent film by some kid I met on Tumblr, which looks fantastic based on a few stills and the synopsis he sent me.

*I'm seriously almost done with The Land Below.

Person accomplishments:

*Have been in a (non-exclusive) relationship for over a year, which breaks my personal record by about ten months (And it will likely continue until August, when she moves into a cabin in Oregon and goes full Walden.)

*Two threesomes in one day (both of which were slightly disappointing, as threesomes often are.)

*94 followers on tumblr, one of which is a Gelert Grindelwald RPer. Check out http://darkartsandcrafts.tumblr.com/ if you are interested.

*Rediscovered the Symbolists.

*Made some new friends and reconnected with some people I'd lost touch with, though keeping in contact is still a struggle.

*spent over $100 on art supplies, so I can't stop painting even if I wanted to.

*went to see the Bowie exhibit, including most of his stage costumes, in Toronto, which is somehow much larger and more awesome than I expected it to be, though I had been there several times as a child/adolescent.

2014 accomplishments: I am currently drinking Prosecco.

I don't spend as much time here as I used to and haven't talked to most of you guys in a while, but even though we're not in a writer's group or a band or the same city anymore, it would be great to hear from you.
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Cocktails in Hell [ноя. 11, 2013|03:47 pm]
the boy from chernobyl
[Tags|, ]

Throughline, the theatre company in whose contest I am a finalist, has posted more information about the New Play Showcase on their main page. It's in Lawrenceville and it starts at eight. $20 sounds like a lot to me to watch excerpts of various plays, but... light hors d'oeuvres and drinks?
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Playwrighting [ноя. 1, 2013|02:13 pm]
the boy from chernobyl
[Tags|, , ]
[clothes |excited]

I finally heard back from the playwrighting contest I entered last summer and I'm a finalist!

Some of you probably remember Cocktails in Hell when it was a (not very good) short story. It's the one with the lesbian flapper ghosts. I came back to it last spring and spent a good chunk of the year expanding it into a full length play, which I'm pretty proud of. There's going to be showcase on November 18 at the Grey Box Theatre in Lawrenceville where they show excerpts from all the finalists, and they audience get to vote on which one they like best, so I'd really appreciate it if those of you who live in Pittsburgh could come.
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