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hiding out on the continent

getting over a nervous breakdown

the boy from chernobyl
5 December 1980
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Lucky like St. Sebastian.
a. o. spare, absurdism, aesthetics, alchemy, anarchism, androgyny, angela carter, anxiety, architecture, artifice, atelier boz, aubrey beardsley, aware, becoming a machine, black magick, blake's 7, books, boys, british sci-fi, chrome, cigarettes, cities, clothing, cosmetics, crème brûlée, cyrillic typewriters, dandy highwaymen, dark arts and crafts, david bowie, dead french actresses, decadence, depression, design, doctor who, dolls, drinking tea, elegant gothic aristocrat, ennui, evil, evil folk, factory records, fairy tales, fashion, fatal//romantic, fatalism, fosca, francis bacon, futurism, gadding about, gay robots, gemma files, genderqueer, genesis p-orridge, ghosts, goth, grant morrison, horror, human obsolescence, identity performance, ism, j. g. ballard, japan the band, jean genet, joy division, knitting, kylie, lapels, libraries, literature, lucifer, magick, make-up, making enemies, male models, martin ephemeralizing device, marxism, menswear, mirrors, morrissey, my bloody valentine, my cardiologist, narcissism, new order, new pop, new wave, no wave, noise, not working, novels under 200 pages, orlando, oscar wilde, pastries, patrick suskind, patrick wolf, paul pope, peter milligan, plastic, poseurs, post-humans, pretention, psychogeography, public transportation, queers, reading the dictionary, ride, robots, rooting for the villains, ryuichi sakamoto, samuel r. delany, satanic twee, school uniforms, science fiction, secret identities, semiotics, seppuku, sewing, shoegazing, shoujo manga, slowdive, slytherin, smoking, soft cell, soldiers and sailors, subways, suits, synth-pop, synthesizers, tailoring, taking the bus, tanbi, telling lies, the dark arts, the future, the homosexual agenda, the human league, the monochrome set, the post-human condition, the smiths, the style council, throbbing gristle, ties, ugly buildings, unhappiness, writing, yukio mishima